Synopsis: Kush is in his early 20’s and is an employee who spends his days fantasizing about hot female colleagues Shikha and Nisha. However, he accidentally spots them making out in an empty conference room. He threatens Shikha that he will expose them to the HR, unless she has sex with him. Shikha agrees reluctantly but says it’s only possible if it is a threesome with Nisha. Kush agrees to meet them at a club after office after a few drinks in the club they head to a nearby hotel. To make things exciting Nisha adds handcuffs and a gag on Kush. But once Kush is tied girls just make out with each other leaving Kush stranded and frustrated. Director: Andy Bam

Cast: Aritaa Paul,Dev Rathor,Akanksha Sharma

Year of Release: 2020

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